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New Construction

Whether building a new home, renovating, or customizing your space, you'll want to enroll the services of a home builder who is trustworthy, honest, creative, inspired, and budget conscious. Architectural Builders is your contractor of choice.

4951 Gulfshore blvd_Office remodeled by Architectural Builders Gulf Shore, southwest Florida.

What to Expect

Architectural Builders - Curt & Logan Gunder Architectural Builders,  southwest Florida

Discovery Phase

During the process of a new build with Architectural Builders, you'll dream, design, and develop with a team that is dedicated to creating your unique, beautiful home.


Why will your home be unique?

Architectural Builders does not have a cookie-cutter blueprint; this experience is truly one of a kind and remarkably unique and everlasting home for generations to come. 

  • Thorough research of property conditions

  • The architect will begin to develop a rough illustration based on the budget and desires of your future home

  • Conduct a “Pre-Estimate” on the project based on administering budgets

Design Phase
We are proud to offer only the highest quality products, carefully and thoughtfully hand-selected by our team to ensure the best possible outcome for your new construction home.

We invite you to speak to our team of architects and designers to receive a complimentary consultation and to see our beautiful product selection firsthand!

  • Provide seamless county coordination and requirements throughout the entire process.

  • The architect will begin to develop a rough illustration based on the budget and desires of your future home.

Construction Phase
Construction is where we excel, we oversee and manage the big-picture, top-level facets of the construction process.  We are your advocate and our duties include hiring subcontractors, sourcing materials for the project, and finding suitable equipment and tools.

  • Processing submittals and procuring subcontractors

  • Applying for any necessary permits

  • Scheduling trades

  • Processing change orders and proposed change orders and generating requests for information

  • Maintaining tracking logs

  • Overseeing projects from beginning to completion while meeting deadlines

  • Hiring and managing junior contractors

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